Trust in the Lord

Verse of the Day:  Isaiah 26:4           

Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.           

Building trust takes time but the more you get to know God, the more your trust in Him will grow.  When we think about a rock we think of something solid, strong, supportive and able to withstand pressure and when we call a person our rock they usually have the same attributes. God is the same way, you can always rely on Him and when you truly trust in God you will experience the perfect peace that comes from knowing that He is in control. Worrying doesn’t change a thing, instead of focusing on your problems put your efforts into getting closer to God. Let go of worry and let God have His way in your life.

Dear God, thank You for being my rock in all situations. I trust in You with all my heart and no matter what I’m going through I know that You are there for me. Lord, I give You all my worries and my fears. I turn to You for strength and peace because I know You are in control. Wrap Your loving arms around me, Lord, protect me from the storm. Amen