Standing in the Gap

Verse of the Day:  Luke 5:20 

And when he saw their faith, he said, “Man your sins are forgiven you.”           

In Luke chapter 5 some men carried their paralyzed friend to see Jesus for healing. When they couldn’t reach Him, because of the crowds, they didn’t give up and they went through the roof. When Jesus saw their faith He forgave the man’s sins and his body was healed. Had it not been for the faith of the friends the man may never have been healed. You may know someone who is going through something so difficult it’s beginning to weaken their faith. That’s where your own faith comes in to play. You can be the bridge to God by praying and interceding for your friends and family. You can stand in the gap by letting your faith carry them when they are weak.

Heavenly Father, please watch over my family and friends and protect them from all harm. Lord, You know their every need, may Your blessings and healing be upon them. Merciful God, please forgive their sins and lead them to salvation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen