Biblical Meekness is Not Weakness

Verse of the Day:  Matthew 5:5         

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth           

The world considers meekness to be a weakness. When they hear the word meek they automatically think of someone who is shy and won’t stand up for themselves. They might even imagine a person who allows people to walk all over them and allows people to treat them badly. As a human characteristic meekness is seen as negative trait. However, meekness is a fruit of the Spirit and is an attribute of God. Jesus was the perfect example of meekness. He had every right and the power to take Himself off the cross but He chose to submit to God’s will for the greater good. The kind of meekness the Bible talks about isn’t being weak, it’s the opposite, it’s being so strong that you are in control of your emotions and actions. The Biblical characteristic of meekness is described as being submissive to God, obedient, righteous, teachable, patient, humble, and peaceful even in the face of adversity. Do not let the world confuse you. Biblical meekness is not a weakness and God blesses the meek and promises that they will inherit the earth and enjoy peace and prosperity.

Lord, this world teaches us that meekness is a weakness, but You, Lord, teach us that to be meek is to submit to God’s will. Help me Lord to be more like You, patient and kind, obedient and humble so that I may enjoy Your gift of peace and prosperity. Amen


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