Don’t Give Up, Give It to God

Verse of the Day:   Acts 20:19           

I served the Lord with great humility and with tears and in the midst of severe testing by the plots of my Jewish opponents.

There will be times when you go through things so difficult you cannot see the light of day through your tears. There will be times when your faith and your patience are tested like never before. You might even feel like giving up on God but don’t give up, that’s when you need Him the most. Prayer is the most powerful weapon you have. Cry out to God, He hears you and He loves you. Continue to serve the Lord with humility through every trial and tribulation and He will see you through it. God is faithful and He promises to never leave you. With His help you can get through anything. Don’t give up, instead, give it all to God. Keep serving the Lord because it doesn’t matter who or what is against you when God is for you.

Father, even in the hardest times I know You are with me. Even when I have to cry out to You with tear-filled eyes I know You hear me, You love me, and You are for me. Lord, with Your help I know I can get through anything and I will continue to serve You. Amen